Regional Traffic 2021

DB mindbox is looking for startups for our upcoming program that offer new and innovative solutions for our regional traffic. You can bring our customer facing use cases to the next level? Then we’re looking for you!

Develop your prototype and business model with us and open up new digital solutions and contents for our regional travellers as well as the staff of DB Regio.

This 100 day signature program gives startups the chance to customize and live-test their solution to real challenges that DB is facing. What do you get?

  • access to DB experts and data
  • access to a network of selected coaching and mentoring experts
  • and EUR 25,000, no equity taken.

You will be supported by a dedicated DB mindbox startup manager and will have 24/7 access to our coworking space (if applicable).

This is a great opportunity to lay the foundation for joint projects and successful long-term collaboration with Deutsche Bahn AG.

Questions? Check out our FAQs.


Customer aquisiton and loyalty

To grow the number of regional travellers and to keep them on board are crucial topics for Deutsche Bahn. Help us find new incentives, especially in the post-covid phase.

© Max Lautenschläger
Incentives for travel events

You have a smart idea to incentivize train travellers or even travellers that typically use the car to make excursions by train? We're eager to learn more

© Oliver Lang
Intelligent dialog options with DB personell

Do you have a solution that offers new ways for our travellers to get the information they need, e.g. by smart communication with the DB staff on board? And your solution is specifically not a chat bot? Apply for our program!

New and intelligent communication of limitations due to construction sites

In order to keep our train stations and tracks up to date, constructions are necessary, which bring limitations to our customers. Therefore we're eager to inform them optimally - before and during the limitations - and are looking for up-to-date ways to do so.


New services for travellers

We want to offer our travellers new services to make their journey as enjoyable as possible.

© Oliver Lang
Exclusive content for customer portal

DB Regio offers various customer portals, for example the wifi portal on board our regional trains. If you offer fun and catchy content for our travellers that can be integrated in the portal, we're looking for your application.

© Antje Wittig
Push attractiveness for commuters

A lot of people commute to and from work using regional traffic. How can we increase the appeal for those travellers during their commute?

© Timo Volz
Car versus train

You can offer a customer faced solution that compares travelling by car with travelling by train regarding various aspects like CO2 emissions, costs or time savings? We're all ears!

© Oliver Lang
Further ideas

You have additional ideas? We're looking forward to learn more.


Intermodal traffic

We want to offer our customers a travel experience from door to door. Therefore we’re eager to blend their chosen mode of transportation for the first and last mile with their journey on bord our trains.

Capacity management bicycles

You have a smart idea how we can manage the capacity for bicycles in our regional trains, especially when it gets crowded? Tell us more and apply!

© Ina Bohrsing
Flexibility for travellers with bicycles

We're looking for ideas how to make customers comfortable leaving their bike at the train station as well as still giving them flexibility for their last mile on their destination. You got an idea? We're all ears.

© TImo Volz
Alternative transport for bicyles

You have a smart idea for alternative transportation of bicycles during crowded times (e.g. holidays) to relieve the capacity in our trains? Perfect, we're looking forward to your application.

Shared Mobility

We're eager to blend our train services with shares mobility services for first and last mile, e.g. to automatically adjust booking times for a shared car / bike in case of a delay. You got a solution?


Further topics

We not only want to make the life of our travellers easier, but also the life of our employees. Below you can find areas of interest to optimize our internal processes.

Plausibility Checks

For one of our internal processes we're looking for a tool that can help with plausibility checks by checking multiple documents for inconsistencies. A big plus if your solution also allows to manage the whole work flow of coordinating the clarification of the inconsistency or can even learn from past occurences to automate parts of the process.

© Scott Graham
Contract-Review Software

It takes a lot of time to examine and enforce certain clauses in contracts. We are looking for a software solution that identifies areas of interest on existing data rule-based and provides early identification of any potential for negotiation.



Application Deadline

Last day to apply for the program


Announcement of Candidates

Invitation of selected teams


Selection Day

Pitch your idea on stage to a jury and audience


Start of Program

Start of the 100 day PoC to develop and test a prototype in cooperation with DB


End of Program

End of 100 day PoC and presentation of results