Regional Traffic 2022

DB mindbox is looking for startups for our upcoming program that offer new and innovative solutions for our regional traffic. You can bring our customer facing use cases to the next level? Then we’re looking for you!

Develop your prototype and business model with us and open up new digital solutions and contents for our regional travellers as well as the staff of DB Regio.

This 100-day signature program gives startups the chance to customize and live-test their solution to real challenges that DB is facing. What do you get?

  • access to DB experts and data
  • access to a network of selected coaching and mentoring experts
  • and EUR 25,000, no equity taken.
  • You will be supported by a dedicated DB mindbox startup manager and will have 24/7 access to our coworking space (if applicable).

This is a great opportunity to lay the foundation for joint projects and successful long-term collaboration with Deutsche Bahn AG.

Questions? Check out our FAQs


Customer Acquisition and new Services

To grow the number of regional travelers and to keep them on board and offer new services are crucial topics for DB Regio. Help us find new incentives so that even more travelers use sustainable rail transport.

© Deutsche Bahn / Max Lautenschläger
New ways of communication

Help us to address our passengers and those that shall become via new approaches e.g., in social networks among other things to explain the railroad operation and its complexity in a simple way.

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Incentives for travel events

You have a smart idea to incentivize travellers that typically use the car to use the train more often, e.g. with a gamification approach? We are eager to learn more about it!

©Deutsche Bahn AG / Max Lautenschläger
Simplify group ticket booking

How can group ticket booking be simplified for travelers? E.g., with an online self-service where a train recommendation is directly received when selecting connections.

© Deutsche Bahn AG / Thomas Henne
Display seat reservation

We need a smart solution to show reservations and seat entitlement on the train without the need for a digital display – can you support us in this field?


Traveler Information in Case of Disruption

DB Regio’s core service is to bring millions of passengers in regional transport each day to their desired destination in a punctual, safe, reliable and environmentally friendly way. But in the complex railroad system sometimes there are  unplanned disturbances. In this case we want to improve customer information management by using specific tools and innovative technologies.

© Deutsche Bahn / Pablo Castagnola
Ad hoc customer communication

Support us to inform our customers quickly and reliably in case of major incidents via a wide range of channels. Also, sentiment analysis / the evaluation of feedback e.g., from social media is crucial for us.

© Deutsche Bahn / Max Lautenschläger
Smart assistance to passengers

In the event of a disruption, our passengers should be actively offered an alternative route via app and the ticket should be rebooked accordingly. Do you have a digital assistant that can help us with this?

© Deutsche Bahn / Patrick Kuschfeld
Deliver important announcements to headphones

How do we make it possible for our passengers who are listening to an exciting podcast or their favorite album not to miss any important audio announcements on the train? Share your ideas with us!

Deutsche Bahn AG / Max Lautenschläger
Further ideas

Do you have another idea how to reduce stress in case of unplanned incidents. Please let us know.


Analytics & Data-based Services

We would like to offer new services for our passengers based on the insights gained and data collected.

© Deutsche Bahn / Christian Bedeschinski
Punctuality & capacity forecast

How likely is it that my train will be on time, I will catch my connecting train, or I will get a seat? If you offer a smart analytic tool that can answer those questions, apply to our program!

© Deutsche Bahn / Max Lautenschläger
Mobility behavior in the context of the 9-Euro Ticket

Help us find out what impact the 9-Euro Ticket has on mobility behavior of travelers. Are you experts in data crawling and can draw the right conclusions? Then we are looking for you!

© Deutsche Bahn / Jens Wiesner
Video analysis in trains

In this field we are looking for solutions for privacy compliant evaluation of facial expressions to determine customer satisfaction, options for graffiti and dirt detection, and the identification of critical situations.

© Deutsche Bahn / Pierre Adenis
Further ideas

You have additional ideas? We're looking forward to learn more.


Train meets Bike

Whether it’s the weekend excursion or the ride to work, cycling is very trendy and protects the environment! We would like to make combined bike and train travel even easier and more comfortable.

© Deutsche Bahn AG / Max Lautenschäger
Capacity information for bicycles

You have a smart idea to get and spread capacity information for bicycles in our regional trains? Tell us more and apply!

© Deutsche Bahn / Fabian Freitag
Optimized bike-train routing

If you are a specialist for route planning and navigation for combined bike-train trips incl. features like search for charging stations for e-bikes - you are the perfect candidate for our startup program!

© Deutsche Bahn / Timo Volz
Bike sharing in rural areas

In order to avoid taking your bike on the train for trips, we would like to offer bike sharing in rural areas, e.g., by integrating regional bike rental providers into digital booking platforms.

© Deutsche Bahn / Jet-Foto Kranert
Innovative bike attachment

In interest for us are innovative and safe solutions to fix the bike on the train, so that you don’t need to be next to your bike all the time. Likewise, we are looking for approaches that even more bicycles can be attached as before.


Replacement Services

Our complex rail infrastructure requires heavy maintenance work. In the future, heavily frequented lines will be closed for several months so that all the necessary measures can be carried out at once. For our travelers, this will mean severe restrictions and having to switch to buses. Help us to digitize the experience of rail replacement services and to create new bus services.

© Deutsche Bahn / Volker Emersleben
Routing to replacement services

We are looking for smart and digital routing to rail replacement services and indoor navigation. Also, on-demand information in case of construction sites restrictions, e.g., 3D maps, interest us a lot.

Copyright: Deutsche Bahn AG / Björn Ewers
Loyalty programs for bus travellers

We want to reward passengers that choose the replacement service instead of alternative modes of travel during phases in which the tracks are closed. You have an easily accessible solution that we can use to implement such a reward system? Tell us more!

Digital entertainment offers

Bus trips usually take more travel time. We are looking for digital entertainment services for commuters and families.

© Deutsche Bahn AG / Volker Emersleben
Further ideas

Do you have any further ideas to improve the experience of taking replacement services? We can't wait to hear them.



Application Deadline

Last day to apply for the program


Announcement of Candidates

Invitation of selected teams


Selection Day @ InnoTrans Trade Fair in Berlin

Pitch your idea on stage to a jury and audience


Start of program

Start of the 100-day Proof of Concept (PoC) phase to test a prototype in cooperation with DB


End of program

End of 100-day PoC and presentation of results