Human Resources 2023

Let’s take our Human Resources (HR) to the next level, together! We are excited to announce our 6th startup program with the HR department of our corporate Deutsche Bahn (DB) Group. This year, we focus on innovative and disruptive solutions for our most valuable asset – our employees. The challenges of the future are well known – a shortage of skilled workers, changes in generations and values. Can you help us make the work environment more attractive, especially for our operational employees? Can your product inspire young people, strengthen their self-initiative and make our everyday working life more digital? If the answers are yes, lets talk!

Develop your prototype and business model with us and open up new solutions and contents for our employees. This is your chance to work with the HR department of DB on the innovations of tomorrow. What are your benefits?

  • Exclusive access to DB experts, data, markets & customers
  • Access to an individual coaching program as well as mentoring experts
  • EUR 25,000, no equity taken


You will get support of a dedicated DB mindbox startup manager, who is your bridge to the DB world. Plus, the option to work at our coworking space in the center of Berlin with 24/7 access.

This is a great opportunity to lay the foundation for joint projects and successful long-term collaboration with Deutsche Bahn Group, Europe’s largest mobility and infrastructure provider with more than 300.000 employees.

Questions? Check out our FAQ or F6S.


Inspiring the youth

In order to strengthen our corporate Deutsche Bahn as an attractive employer, we would like to focus more on the needs of the Generation Z and Alpha. Help us to inspire the young generation and strengthen the feeling of togetherness within the team DB.

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Promoting inclusion

We see inclusion as a central task at DB. Do you have a digital solution to support, for example people with disabilities, even better in their jobs and to integrate them more strongly?

© Deutsche Bahn / Max Lautenschläger
Learning support for apprentices

In order to address the strengths and weaknesses of our trainees in a more targeted manner, we are looking for tools that will support and advance them individually during their apprenticeship

© Deutsche Bahn / Dominic Dupont
Employee experience

After a successful onboarding, everyday work has begun and routines are set. How can we still constantly highlight the team affiliation and underline that our employees are the essential part of the team DB?

© Deutsche Bahn / Oliver Lang
Further solutions

Is your product able to show the employees of the future the meaning of their work, to strengthen the feeling of togetherness or to implement work-life blending? Then we are looking forward to your application.


Strengthening of own initiative

As a strong employer we need to meet the demands of the future. This means, that we need self-initiative and intrinsically motivated employees. Help our blue collars workers to get involved.

© Deutsche Bahn / Dominic Dupont
Employees for employees

Your solution is able to find the dialog partner at eye level without a big test procedure? The like-minded person, helper and/or feedback giver among our employees.

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AI based knowledge transfer

Artificial intelligences are increasingly helping us to answer questions and shorten searches. Can your solution help us to make internal knowledge of our IT applications accessible to all with the help of e.g. ChatGPT?

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Promote diverse perspectives

How can we incorporate the diversity of our more than 300,000 employees by quickly creating resonance groups for HR products, HR marketing measures, etc.?

© Deutsche Bahn / Max Lautenschläger
Further solutions

Do you have a product that makes the multitude of existing communities visible or do you offer other possibilities to strengthen the participation of operational employees? Then tell us about it.


Shape the digital future

Not only the content of work but also the way we carry out our daily work is constantly changing. We want to actively shape these developments with digital solutions in the area of Human Resources.

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Multiple language translation

Make it possible for our employees to understand each other at all times with your on-demand translation tool, whether they are using our IT applications or talking to each other at work.

© Deutsche Bahn / Max Lautenschläger
Health in everyday work life

Help us to integrate health into everyday work in the (home) office, plants etc with your solution without data protection frustration.

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Staff retention

Which individual staff engagement alternatives does your product offer to coachings, predefined learning journeys or group work?

© Deutsche Bahn AG / Volker Emersleben
Shift scheduling

Do you have an AI-based solution that combines scheduling and time tracking? So we can simplify shift planning and enable plausible shift schedule changes directly by our operational staff.


Physical wellbeing

The wellbeing of our operational staff is our top priority, which is why we look for hands-on solutions to quickly and effectively relieve them of their physically demanding work.

© Deutsche Bahn / Uwe Miethe
Wellbeing in the field

Our operational employees are exposed to all kinds of weather and undeveloped work sites when working outdoors. We are looking for your smart, mobile solutions to fulfil the basic needs of our employees (food, warmth, toilet, etc.) - digital and analog.

© Deutsche Bahn / Patrick Kuschfeld
Reduction of physical work load

How can we use your technology to reduce the burden of physical labor, in addition to the use of exoskeletons?

© Deutsche Bahn / Patrick Kuschfeld
Further solutions

Do you have further solutions on how to improve the wellbeing of our blue collars workers? We are happy to hear about it.


26. Mar. 2023

Application deadline 

28. Apr. 2023

Announcement of candidates

16. May. 2023

Selection day

12. Jun. 2023

Start of program

20. Sep. 2023

End of program