Is the team required to move to Berlin and be present at the DB mindbox offices at all times?

  • No, you do not need to move to Berlin and be present at the DB mindbox offices at all times. However, direct and close collaboration between a startup, DB mindbox and the DB business units increases the likelihood that your project will succeed. Close physical proximity can help and support direct and close collaboration (we would of course find ways to work together remotely in the event of a global pandemic, for example).
  • While you are not required to be in Berlin at all times, depending on the business unit you are collaborating with, it might be necessary to be on site at the business unit’s office or depot for product tests.
  • We also expect you to be on site for live events like the pitch day, midterm presentation, final presentation and portfolio day (which will usually take place in a major  German city like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, etc.).